Ian Poulter Lost… His Double Chin.

If you’ve ever seen Ian Poulter in a golf tournament, you know how much he hates to lose. But when it came to losing his “genetically inherited” double-chin, he was all in!

CoolSculpting: What to Expect

What can you expect during your CoolSculpting® experience? Discover more about what you can expect in your initial consultation, your personal treatment plan, the treatment day, and the results after your treatment.

How to: The Perfect Brow

The eyebrow can be the most underestimated facial feature in the world of beauty.  Anastasia Soare of Anastasia Beverly Hills says, “Well-arched, groomed brows…

Common CoolSculpting Questions

Have questions about CoolSculpting®? Read the most frequently asked questions about CoolSculpting including those related to cost, results, downtime, and more.